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Book & Take Lyfas Test

Book a Lyfas Test by filling a simple online form. Our certified Digital Health Assistants will call you. Install our Lyfas clinical-grade, non-invasive mobile application. Take the tests. 

Get Detailed Report 

Lyfas provides you an immidiate report just after two minutes of the test. Our Counsellors explain your the report immidiately. You get a complete Mind-Body report after three day tests.

Get Doctor Consultancy

Your digital health assistant books a test with our in-house doctors. After the consultancy you get a prescription that contains:- Medicine and  Lifestyle advises.   


You follow the advise and your digital health assistant keeps in touch with you, helping you to follow the advices. You take periodic Lyfas tests as suggested by your Lyfas doctor. Changes in Mind and Body is explained to you in subsequent consultancies.

How the Science works

Lyfas works on the principles of Photoplethysmography(PPG), Arterial photoplethysmography(APPG), Photo Chromatography(PCG), Vibration Analysis(VA), Dynamic Physiological Response(DPR), and Brain Hemisphere Coherence(BHC)

Lyfas captures capillary pulse signal from your your index fingertip using mobile camepra. Then extracts PPG and APPG signals. Then using various propreitory algorithms, Lyfas generates 101 clinically validated digital biomarkers. The biomarkers are then profiled into a detailed Mind-Body analysis for a clinician to use the technology in differential diagnostics, causasation detection, mind-body role in ilnesses and prognosis.  

What gap Acculi fills?

We reduce number of hospitalizations, by enabling the patients recovering at home to track their biomarkers and other Organ Snapshots every session, through home diagnostics system, and helping the clinicians with personalized treatment with home remedies, adjusted based on data. 

How we work

Firstly you book a Lyfas test. Our digital health assistants call you and explain you the process of test taking and installation. You install Lyfas clinical-grade mobile application, and take three tests daily for next three days. Our DHA communicates with you to learn your history and life’s story. During the test, you may also enter the data from other home devices, such as pulse oximeter and blood pressure device.

You may also share your existing medical records. Lyfas reports, your medical history, your life’s history is then analyzed by our AI perfected over 12,000 live cases. 

After three days, you get a detailed Lyfas analytics report. Our Counsellor explain you your report. Then the DHA fixes an appointment with one of our Lyfas trained doctors. 

Learn More

You follow the advice of the clinician. All along our team keeps in touch with you, helping you with intervention. You take periodic Lyfas tests. We explain you the weekly changes and your improvement. 

Our Panel Doctors

Acculi uses an integrative functional medicine appraoch for treatment and empanel clinicians from all the approved fields, ie Modern Western Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani Medicine, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Lifestyle coaches.

“Lyfas is a philosophy that is combines Mind-Body analysis for any clinicians to for a comprehensive differential diagnostics”

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay
MBBS, DGO, PhD, Post Doc 

“Lyfas makes it super easy to track the changes in the chronic patients and helps to detect the involvement of mind in the disease and its progression”.

Dr. Mini Mehta
BHMS, London School of Homeopathy, Rajeev gandhi Cancer Institute

“Lyfas is extremely helpful for detecting the role of sleep and Anxiety in Hypertension and Cardiovascular patients  ”

Dr. Satbir Singh
MD Interventional Cardiologist

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The Acculian Tribe

Acculi Labs is a people’s company. We are by the people, for the people and to the people. We are a human centric company. Our USP is our tribe of exceptional individuals and talents.

Rupam Das

Founder & CEO

Nimmi Jain

Co-founder & COO

Akbar Patel

Co-founder & CSO


Co-founder & CDO

Amit Mogra

Co-founder &  Deal Officer

Yogesh Kumar Mangal

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. Surabhi








Dr. Subhagata

Chief Medical Officer






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